A Restaurant with a Mission –
The Grubstake Restaurant

A Little History
It all started 44 years ago, when a young and enterprising Nova Scotian by the name of Kert convinced his friends, Mickey, Tony and Bobby to all chip in and buy the old Louisbourg Cafe...

The Grubstake The four were well travelled and they had gathered some definite ideas about what to expect in an excellent restaurant establishment. In addition, something about the location certainly must have inspired them. Afterall, Canada can trace it proud bilingual heritage back to Louisbourg in the 1700s.

In 10 weeks back in ‘72 the four young men transformed their purchase into a restaurant they and their friends would be proud to patronize.

Forty years later the Grubstake tradition of excellence in food service and warm down-home hospitality continues.

Our Mission
Every visit to the Grubstake Restaurant will be a superior dining experience for our guests, combining outstanding local food, great value, excellent service and a unique facility to be part of their memorable time spent in Louisbourg, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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"Finally, Fresh Fish!"
— David Parker, Mississauga, Ontario

The Grubstake Restaurant
7499 Main Street, Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, B1C 1H8 Canada

Email reservations: reservations@grubstake.ca

Inquiries: tel (902) 733-2308

Tour Operator inquires welcomed.

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  Louisbourg300 Grubstake Restaurant 40th Anniversary 1972-2012!
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